Ros Limbo
I am a free spirited tree hugger that lives for writing. I am an ENFP that loves love, yoga and poetry.
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Ros Limbo
I have always wanted a space to share my true self and so I created it.

I explore my current loves: blogging, reading and yoga! May this space serves as a place where you can learn, grow and share your experiences.Read more

(S)heroes Pose

She stands, seated on her feet Many mistake her posture for weakness She is not begging No, she is not asking for your forgiveness or for your praise She stays seated on the ground Rooted in her strength and power You mistake her bowed head as a sign of shame Not knowing that she isRead More

A few things I learnt before 30

Are you afraid of ageing? I’m not sure if I’m afraid of ageing or if I am afraid of the change that comes with it. Family members move away, best friends become distant acquaintances and the person in the mirror seems like a stranger. People say life starts at 30, but there’s this dread weighingRead More

Mental health in the time of quarantines

I have never seen the world so scared. Every news channel is covering the reach of CoVID-19. What started as a virus in Wuhan, China, is now a global pandemic. Cities are in lockdown, with millions of people forced into quarantine. Many of these news channels have highlighted the impact CoVID-19 will have on theRead More

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