Ros Limbo
I am a free spirited tree hugger that lives for writing. I am an ENFP that loves love, yoga and poetry.
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Ros Limbo
I have always wanted a space to share my true self and so I created it.

I explore my current loves: writing, mental health advocacy and yoga! May this space serves as a place where you can learn, grow and share your experiences.Read more

Eating Disorders in the Black Community

Black girls don’t get eating disorders; a myth that has been perpetuated by media, fully embraced by all communities and fogged the lenses of health professionals. I remember sitting across from my psychiatrist when she informed me that I was being hospitalised. I wasn’t sure how to react. I knew that I needed the help,Read More

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Let’s talk friendships. Friendship is defined as a state of mutual trust and support. However, recently I have started to wonder how the manner in which you trust and support yourself impacts how you trust and support those around you. As an adult, forming and maintaining friendships becomes a challenge. This is because we becomeRead More

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Lessons from 2021

Hi everyone This post is somewhat late. I have been going back and forth deciding whether I really wanted to write it. This is because I have come to see just how problematic New Year’s resolutions can be. Resolutions, at times, have a way of holding us back; keeping us trapped in our old waysRead More

Hey There:)

It feels weird coming back to writing….coming back to blogging because I haven’t been doing it for such a long time. But more than anything I haven’t been doing it consistently for a very long time.

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