Hey There Beautiful


It feels weird coming back to writing….coming back to blogging because I haven’t been doing it for such a long time. But more than anything I haven’t been doing it consistently for a very long time. I’ve kept wondering why this was. I kept wondering if I fell out of love with writing. But then I have come to realise that that’s not the case.

I say that because I have been doing a number of projects that require me to do a lot of writing outside my workspace. One of the projects being starting my own YouTube channel. I suppose I stopped writing because I wasn’t sure what to write about anymore. I wasn’t sure where I was in my life. I also wasn’t sure where to focus my energy.

This year I have come to realise that I am a very complex person. I am multifaceted and that’s okay. I have a lot of interests, a lot of things I dibble ad dabble in that I am good at. So it has been quite hard to ascertain who I am. But I do want to come back to writing; I do want to occupy space in such a way that I can hold space for others.

This year I have seen that I am that person that really enjoys holding space for others, really enjoys seeing others be the best versions of themselves. So I guess that’s what this will become. I am unsure whether I will archive my older posts or if I will keep them public. I am leaning towards keeping them public until the end of December 2021.

I wish to archive everything not because I wish to hide anything, but because I want to see it as a new chapter in my writing journey. I am realising that I want to change a lot of BIG THINGS in my life:) This takes a lot of courage, a lot of intention. This takes a lot of carving out space and time that I usually dedicate to other things. And one of the most important things I am trying to do is spend more time on my writing and cultivating that skill.

Sorry, I’m rambling. Back to what I want this blog to be about.

I want to create space for people to feel safe, to feel held, to feel heard and feel free to be themselves. Part of that will entail me being very open and honest about my experience living with a mental illness. Mental illness is just not talked about enough. I want people to know that they can still be who they want to be, even if they live with a mental illness. I move through life with the most courage that I can master. So that’s what I have in mind.

The process of writing and being more active here will mean I will have to actively jotting down the happenings of my life. Not in the sense of a diary but more as a way to evaluate my emotions; evaluate where I am mentally and emotionally. But also see where I want to go. Because when you write, a lot of subconscious thoughts make themselves known. These are the thoughts that help you become more aware of where you want to be in life and how you need to grow.

I am hoping that this can be the start of reviving my blog, and intentionally creating spaces where people can be themselves.

See you in the next post