The yoga studio is a place that wishes to empower students and create a sense of peace. In order to achieve this environment, please adhere to the following guidelines:

Punctuality: Arrive at least 10 minutes before class to settle in. In instances where you have to leave early, inform the yoga instructor before class commences. New students please arrive 15 minutes before class. Gates are locked 5 minutes before class commences. Late entry is not permitted.

Tidiness: Refrain from using strong perfumes, colognes or deodorants when training. Neatly organize any gear near to your practice space.  Food or drink other than water is strictly prohibited.

Serenity: Turn off your cellphone and electronic devices when you arrive. All personal belongings other than practice gear must be stored in designated area. If you are a doctor or must be available on call, please notify the yoga instructor prior to commencement of class.

Respect: Respect the silence of the practice rooms before and during class. Be mindful and aware of the energy you transmit to those around you.Do not chew gum during class as it interferes with your breathing.

Openness: Follow instructions and be open to considering new forms of practice or different ways to visit poses.