Hanumanasana – Disrupted Consistency

What would happen if you never gave up?

To think I could do the splits as a child makes me laugh. As I grew older, I never thought I would lose the ability to do the splits. Call me naive but I always thought my body would be able to do everything I could do as a child without practice. However I soon learnt that this was not the case.

It seems growing up makes one rigid, both mentally and physically.

Last week I watch as Beauty did Hanumanasana effortlessly and suddenly wondered if I could still do the same. As I lowered myself on the floor, I could hear my hip flexors cry out for help as my hamstrings buckled under the pressure. I couldn’t do it. What used to come with ease not felt like torture.


Because I stopped doing it. I forgot how, as a child, we spend so much time doing the things we love repeatedly. We would climb trees everyday. Danced in the rain and laughed as the water drenched our clothes. We would do the splits, back bends, front flips like there was no tomorrow… And then we stopped. We were told we made too much noise, fidgeted a little too much and were at risk of breaking our necks. Growing up made us consistent in doing the things we hardly enjoyed.

So in June, I am deviating and redirecting our “consistency”.

Enter “June Splits Challenge”.

Myself and two wonderful ladies, Comfort and Berny, decided to dedicate all our energy to something that makes us excited: front splits. For the next four weeks we will be focusing on poses that open up the hips and create flexibility in the quads and hamstrings. On top of all this, we will be balancing our Sacral Chakra🙂

The following are our go to poses during the challenge:

Join us why don’t you.