Making My Mark

The new logo is HERE!!!!!!!!!

*insert happy dance here*

The logo took months to complete but it was worth the wait. But before I get to the logo and what it represents, let’s talk about me:)

My yoga journey began in 2015. I would spend all my free time searching for asanas I thought were accessible to me. Pictures of all my attempts, successful or not, were posted on Instagram for the whole world to see. I’ll be honest, I expected my comment section to be full of trolls; instead I found myself inundate with requests to share my yoga journey.

I was afraid.

I was afraid that I would not know how to get people to that state of peace that made me fall in love with yoga. So I chose to remain in this safe space that didn’t challenge my comfort zone. But because life is anything but boring, I soon found myself in a position where I was forced to overcome my fears.

I was attending a month long youth conference in South Africa. Somehow I found myself in that awkward moment where you have to introduce yourself and your interests. Somewhere in between my rambling and reaching for sweets, I mentioned that I do yoga. The word spread and I found myself waking up at 5am to requests of early morning yoga. Eventually I set up a schedule and found myself teaching twice a day, every day.

And that is how the Ros Limbo brand was born.


1. The colours

Pink is delicate and gold is luxurious; however I chose this combination because it’s soft, almost fragile. Black is strong and defiant. While white can assimilate with ease. The four of these colours work together to form a picture of my true self: a free spirit that’s so strong almost to a point of fragility

2. The name

Ros Limbo. Yes that is my real name and no, it is not short for anything. I have met many people that thought Ros Limbo was a pseudonym of some sort. I guess my name is just that amazing!

3. The rose

My name is Ros. However, I have come accustomed to people calling me Rose or Roslyn. The rose represents both my love for flowers and the name many call me.

4. The circle

The rose stem is drawn in a circle. The stem represents the knowledge I have attained from all the challenges life has presented me. The circle is perfect; it has no beginning, middle or end. It shows how I have been persisted and grown in adversity.

5. The leaves

The leaves show that growth is inevitable and comes from any circumstance you find yourself in. The leaves from outward, symbolising how your grow reaches impacts you and those around you.

This logo represents a chapter in my life filled with joy, peace and unending love.

Thank you Nathaly Van Druten for this beautiful work of art.