Temporary Pause

5 Signs That You Need a Break

Ever had an irrational fear? Mine is the fear of being unproductive.

I have a constant need to be busy. For some reason I have convinced myself that the world will spontaneously combust if I had to take a day off. So, when December came around, I decided that I would skip the holidays and remain glued to my computer.

But perhaps that wasn’t the best idea. As people began to trickle back to the office, I found myself on edge. Every time someone said “Happy New Year”, I found myself upset and agitated; almost envious that someone had the ability to switch their brain off, even if it was just for a few days.

It was only when I found myself taking lunchtime naps on my office floor, did I realise that I needed a break. In all honesty the signs were already there, I just chose to ignore them. To save you the embarrassed of being caught sleeping on the floor, here are four signs that maybe you need a holiday:

You Become the Grinch

You hate your co-worker because they are smiling too much. For some reason the presence of people in the corridors makes you want to scream. You are angry and agitated; in your opinion people should not exist.

You’d Rather Take a Nap

Your concentration is non-existent and all you want to do is sleep. Even the threat of your supervisor finding you slacking is not enough to drive you into working more.

Junk Food Has Become Your Staple

Chips, sweets and everything in between. Your body is craving sugar and coffee has become your best friend. You find yourself justifying all your poor food choices with the excuse of being “too busy”.

You Are Always Up in Your Feels

The smallest thing makes you upset. You find yourself crying at the drop of a hat; and Judge Judy reruns are not as funny as they used to be.

If the above is you, it might be best to quit while you are ahead. A few days off never hurt nobody.