Teaching Professionals

So I didn’t post yesterday because of what happened today: I taught my first yoga class!!!


When I began my yoga journey, I never thought of teaching. In all honesty I simply wanted to to do some cool poses and gain flexibility. However as I practiced more, I fell in love with the art that is yoga. For the first time I was able to not over think, and listen to what my body wanted. I allowed myself to relax and forget all the things that happened in my past and all the things that may occur in my future. I could finally focus on the present, and that felt magical; and continues to feel magical.

So this year I have decided to teach. However it’s a daunting task because I have only been practicing for two years. I have many fears when it comes to teaching, I fear that:

  • I will be unable to teach students that are more advanced than me;
  • I won’t be able to translate that feeling of teach I feel whenever I am on the mat; and
  • I just won’t be a good teacher.

However I always tell people to never allow their fears to hamper their success. Thus I have ventured out, willing to learn from every experience. It is interesting how this new path on my yoga journey is challenging my trust issues: trust in myself and my abilities. It is calling for me to always be present, to fight the urge to run and hide that often comes when I’m overwhelmed. It also pushes me to be stronger mentally, especially on days when I am going through a depressive episode.

I will keep you informed about the joys and progress of teaching:)