He That Is (King)

Everyone said that I deserve the best
They told me fairy tales of the man I was supposed to date
I was promised happy endings and overflowing love
Joy that had no bounds

But they didn’t tell me how this “best” looked like
Does he have large hands and a deep voice?
Would he already have a little Prince from his former queen?
Would he know my worth in ways that I could never imagine?

I didn’t have guidance as to what my King had to be like
So I began to settle in the ways I saw the Queens around me do
I began to lower my standards and began sinking in

I was kissing frogs
Hoping they would become victorious Kings
I gave away all my precious jewels in exchange for sand
In hopes I could build a castle on shaky ground

They told me that I deserved the best,
But they didn’t say what the “best” was
And so soon I stopped believing
And settled for anything I could find
For surely being with the worst version of your “best” was better than being alone

But I soon got tired of all the scars and bruises
I decided to chase out the frogs and live on a deserted island
I began to build a shack on the banks of forgotten dreams and unfulfilled promises
And that is where I found him

His bags laid scattered on the ground
He was packing up and ready to move on
And so I slipped into a corner so as to not disturb his move
But he saw me and smiled
He told me this was no place for a Queen
As loneliness and sadness were not great companions

I heard the laughter that was marked with each word
And a bright light from the place his heart was supposed to be
His regal stance told me he was a King
But his dirty hands told me he had gone through difficult times

I smiled and told him this was no place for a King
He laughed
Allowing years of pain to wash away with each giggle
Tears cleaning the scars many never realised existed
He held my hand and kissed my cheek
I knew then that it was him
My “best”
Found in the most unlikely place