Generation Y

We are the generation of climate change
We are the generation writing tales of how to explain to our children the beauty of giants we once called elephants
We will need to explain the reason we chose to take the king of the jungle
And why jungles no longer exist.

We are the generation that watches as our parents insist on fighting wars we know nothing of
Washing away residual hate with our love of differences
Praying to the God of love and peace
We are the generation of hippies with designer shoes and handbags.

We are the generation of excessive needs
Mistakenly called the “microwave generation” due to our refusal of limits and constant cravings for change
We are vocal about what was lacking from our childhoods
Striving for a balance where careers don’t rob us of family

We are the generation where our Jimi Hendrix is a suit
And our Shakespeare is a surgeon
The logical creatives
The irrational rationalists

We are the generation of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
Our thumbs are mightier than the sword
Our thoughts distilled to 160 characters
Punctuation epitomized in the hashtag