A Soul As Vast As The Ocean

When we are born, we all have the option to decide
To decide on what the world will call us
Or what the world will see when people speak our name
No amount of box building by others can contain the destiny we decide upon
We are given words and phrases
Colours and shapes
Tools to build a grand palace,
In places some would only see a tomb.
Our constant encounters should never be seen as tragic heartbreak
Rather as a crack in the soul that allows room for expansion

When we were born we only knew love
Like language,  hate was foreign to us
All we craved were hugs and kisses
And ample time to turn giggles into laughter
We concentrated on today because we didn’t know the person called Tomorrow and Yesterday had already left with all its toys
We were engrossed in all things that brought joy

When we were young statements never did any harm
For it was the unspoken cues that we tuned into
The smile even when mother said not to stay up
Or the extra pocket money when dad said you could not get any chocolates
Body language was our mode of communication
As our souls touched people beyond racial and cultural lines

When we were young the adults called us naïve
Because we believed in the tooth fairy and Cinderella was a close friend
Where witches weren’t always evil
And peaches carried little boys
The adults would find ways to say “Stop dreaming”
Because they didn’t understand how we could be doctors and athletes and poets at the same time
See we were boundless
Pregnant with potential and faith

So don’t be shocked when your body ages and your soul remains a little curious five year old
You were never meant to grow up
You were only destined for your soul to mature in ways that make room for more creativity and laughter
You are not an outcast or an outlier
You are the ocean
Your strength both terrifies and amazes
A constant body of change, that stays true to the things it holds dear.

So let your spirit grow
Let your spirit stay young
For your spirit is as vast as the ocean