The Power of Observation

I’m not the most observant person. Most of the times I can’t even remember what I’m wearing unless I look in the mirror. It’s not that I’m ignorant, it’s because my mind easily wonders. So lately I have decided that this needs to change.

I have decided to stop living in my own mind, and start analysis what I see in the world. I no longer take things people say to me as personal. Rather I use that information to try and understand that person better. So that our next interaction is not as hostile or unpleasant as the first. You see, I used to make the mistake that everything about me. This was partially due to my depression and also due to the fact that I’m the last born. However the world does not revolve around me, nor does it revolve around you!

People send signs out to the world, and they wait hoping that help will come. We have been brought up in a world of tough women and men that are told not to cry. We are in a world devoid of emotion. Consumed in the drive to fulfill our physical needs, that we have become emotional anorexics. Any signs of emotions terrify us, even though it is the thing we most need.

Many people have resorted to convert this call for love into a distorted language of anger. People are aggressive and rude because they have become frustrated if a world where solitude may not exist. This anger is then translated into unjustified anger and uncalled for actions. I have seen this in the way we always hurt those we claim to love. Almost as though testing if they indeed love us. Pushing them to their limits almost as if hoping to extend the space we occupy in their hearts.

Everyone craves for some form of love, even if it comes in the form of an argument. So before you get angry and say things you don’t mean, try and determine if that anger is a call for help.