The Life of A Dreamer

If I was a superhero, I would probably suck. Not because I won’t be concerned with helping people, but because I will become caught up in it all. I have beenn accused of being one of those individuals that want to do it all, a jack of all trades.

Lately I have noticed that this is indeed true. I don’t want to dabble in all activities because I want to be famous, seen to be the best. My problem is that I have unquenchable thirst for knowledge, for learning and experiencing new things all the time. I dont want to say I bore easily, but I have the mind of a dreamer. My soul can’t be contained or confined to one situation or form of being. If anything I want to be like the wind, and go to places that are beyond my imagination.

Looking back, I think the need to push boundaries was there since I was a child. People called me a bookworm. But they failed to realise that books hold so many secrets. Little facts that you didn’t know, or wouldn’t pick up in veryday living. Books stretched my imagination, making me want to be anything from a forensic anthropologist to a neurosurgen. The possibilities seemed endless, and today I still live in that same fram of mind. Wishing to be a free spirit that has learned and taught.

Ask me know what I want to become, and I still cannot give you a single answer. I want to work for the UN and be an English teacher in different counties. I want to be the UN Secretary General to have the power of changing the world for the better. I want to be a painter that lives at the beach on a small island, or a guitar player or music composer. I want to fill the world with love in any way I know how, then start all over again.

So while this might be ramblings of a tired auditor, it is something that I wish could be for me and all those I know and do not know. To live the life of a gypsie, and know no bounds. To be a dreamer asa you have refused the world the privilege of restraining your mind and soul.

So if you have to be anything today, be a dreamer. The rest can come later.