Doing What You Love…

We live in a society where we are forced to do what needs to be done in order to make ends meet. We find ourselves in jobs that we don’t love, relationships we don’t want, and situations we often regret. We tell ourselves to endure in hopes that things will get better. Or simply out of fear that things will get worse in the attempt to achieve our dreams.

We sit asking ourselves questions on how we can better do our jobs so as to get some form of enjoyment. Seeing our unhappiness as punishment for some crime we can’t even remember committing. We call those brave enough to go for their dreams crazy, as we can’t comprehend how one individual could have so much courage.

We sit in hopes that things will hope without us having to change them. We blame others for the failures in our lives, hiding the fact that it is our cowardice that left us in this situation. We choose to hate those around us, in the hopes that it will ease or reduce the amount of anger we harnour towards ourselves. We sit and wait… Waiting for the unknown and the impossible.

I know ask, when will we become courages. When will we weather the storm in the belief that things will be better in the end?