In Search For Peace

I have always wanted to live in Ethiopia or Somalia. Something about these countries made me attracted to them. I have always felt that going to these countries would somehow revive my soul. A trip I would have to make before I died, my own Mecca.

Yesterday a friend asked me why I would ever want to go to a country like Somalia. A desolate country ruined by war and famine. I told her I want to go to Somalia to find peace and love. It seems ironic that a country that cant bring peace to it’s own people can bring peace to a foreign national, but I believe this will be the case. So often we, the lucky that live in peaceful countries, forget the importance of being thankful and living in community. We have become self absorbed and selfish. “But you need to remember that we are all born alone.” my friend reminded me. But surely being born alone does not mean that we have to live in the same isolation.

My reasoning is that people that live in war torn areas have a bigger appreciation of life. For them time spent with family is not a wasted afternoon, but memories made. Life there does not hinge on how expensive your hair is, or what car you could potentially drive. Life is about survival, and being thankful of the opportunity to live another day. Peace is aprreciated Moments of cease fire are treasured more than gold. Family is seen as a crucial part of everyday life, and not an annoyance to your life of me-and-noone-else….

I want to live in Somalia because I believe it to be a country where love is loved. An environment where the small things are appreciated, and living is valued.