Child-like Behaviour

I knew dropping of my little nephew would be trouble this morning. My little Moses got out of the house with his plastic toy gun, and simply refused to leave it behind. Usually this wouldnt be a problem as he would leave it in the car. However today was different. You see, this morning Moses came out of the house hiding his toy gun behind his back. For anyone with children you will know that this is a sign that ‘Mommy cant have it because Mommy cant see it”… To cut a long story short, it ended with a lot of begging and many tears, mostly on my part.

The above behaviour is obviously childish and draining, but we as grown ups do it to. We go through life thinking that people cant take what they cant see. We try so hard to hide our prized possessions (our dreams) in the hopes that the world wont see it and thus wont make me leave it behind. But what often happens is that we end up angry and fighting with the world because we cant seem to break away in order to live our dreams.

Growing up we were taught to fight for what we want. We fight for our family, we fight for love, then we eventually fight for our dreams. The end result leaves us tired, drained and unable to truly enjoy and be the individual in our dreams. We carry on like children, living on the basic instinct that screaming, shouting and throwing tantrums will get us what we want when we most want it. Forgetting the values of patience, timing and sacrifice.

Moses will spend the morning thinking of his plastic toy gun, but by the time he gets home he will have forgotten that he ever wanted it. And it is at that moment when they toy gun will be there and he will be able to fully enjoy it for the rest of the afternoon. Playing cops and robbers with no recollection of what happened in the morning.

Letting go of your dreams does not mean forgetting your dreams. It simply means allowing yourself to fully mature so as to better enjoy the moment when it eventually comes.